How Does ALG Work With Artist Estates?

Representation of the estates of deceased celebrities and musicians is a unique and important role.

Proper management ensures that entertainment legends can live on to be discovered by future generations, cementing their respective place in pop culture history.

As celebrity and music estate managers, ALG ensures that our clients are made aware of all opportunities involving the preservation and commercial utilization of controlled assets.

We work closely with heirs, trustees and/or executors to establish a cohesive vision for the brand.

What Is Brand Protection?

Intellectual property rights have both intrinsic and financial value.

Protecting these rights starts with the filing and maintenance of all appropriate trademarks and copyright registrations, as applicable.

We monitor all commercial sales and media channels for potential infringements, and we work with legal counsel to take appropriate action including the issuance of takedown notices, cease and desists, etc.

Our mission is to ensure that brand value remains untarnished and always represented as intended.

Why ALG?

ALG is a leader in the intellectual property rights management space.

We have a unique and diverse client roster of top entertainers, entertainment properties and rights holders, carefully curated across a multitude of brand types.

We take great pride in our capacity as representatives of globally recognized marques, and believe that each of our clients deserves management that is tailored to the needs of the underlying IP.

ALG provides a dynamic, hands-on approach that is simply unmatched.